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Are Ultimate Wellness Bands waterproof?



  • Diane Pickthall

    I am wearing my band for the first time today and feel like the area under the “latch” is itching or irritating.  Does anyone have a solution for something to put under it?  I am alone so can’t use a pin to hook a piece of cloth there.

  • Permanently deleted user

    The issue could be your own body sweat or oils. Remove the band. Clean it with water and soft soap (See article above "Waterproof"). Then clean your wrist and replace it or place it on the other arm. 

  • Jeri Showers

    I also have that problem, but it is because I am highly sensitive to nickel which is more than likely coming from the buckle.  My solution was to cut the finger off of a 100% cotton jersey glove and slide it over the buckle.  It looks tacky, but it works. I hope this works for you also. Namaste


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