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  • dtdwyl

    I've been listening to Steve and Charlie Ward for several months and wanting to try the products. Finally one of our sons was coming to visit in Ecuador, and we ordered the EMF strips, Nasal Spray and Pain Patches. We finally received them last week. 

    Obviously it's a little difficult to know how well the EMF strips work but they're in place. My wife needed the Nasal Spray and Pain Patches. She has used them on her back, neck and knee with great success!

    I have a constant ache in my shoulders/neck muscles. I've had it for years. Today it finally occured to me today to try one patch in the middle of my neck muscles. AWESOME! 

    So this is a beginning for us and we will likely be ordering and having things shipped by DHL or FEDEX, even though we're moving back to Florida by the end of October. Great job Steve. Looking to try more products. It's always great when a product lives up to the claims!


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