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Cell Strips - Strategic Placement Q



  • Claudia Nassoiy

    I'd love to know the same...

  • Robyn Mc

    No response, yet.   It makes sense rather than having a strip on every device…if the headboard thing works as recommended in the video, than I guess having a strip within two feet of our body, might help with all. I have too many wifi and bluetooth-enabled devices throughout my house to put strips on everything…and I am usually not near them at all. My tv is near wifi router which has a strip, but not TV—both are at least 8’ away from me.    Also have strips on computer, iPad and cell phone.  IPad and cellphone are always near as I work from home.  I also wear the bracelet which is supposed to be helpful.  Maybe I have answered my own question—but it sure would be nice if someone from Body Align would confirm or deny…unless we become hermits living off-grid somewhere, we can’t avoid all the tech pollution, so I love being able modify our body’s energetic response to it.  


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